Christmas 2017

This year we celebrated Christmas on both 24th and 25th December. On the 24th Jacqueline and David went to Schaffhausen and had a very enjoyable fondue chinoise with Judith, Stefan and Marianne. Judith is not terribly well, but managed to enjoy herself.

On the 25th, we held our Christmas meal in the Atelier, which worked very well as a location: more space, and the luxury of cat-free (=stress-free) preparation over a couple of days. Jacqueline treated us to a super menu (concocted with Áedán) and the room looked really festive. This year we had a “hired” tree in a pot – it will go back into the ground after the holidays! This year we were joined by Regula, Stefan and Marianne, Dani, Sarah, Loana and Päde. The discussions went on into the small hours…

Advent Calendar 2017

Imagine our delight to see the tradition of a private Schrennengasse 17 Advent Calendar in our staircase being carried on by Regula yet again this year. The daily pictures are posted here. This year the theme could be angels and carols…?

December 1 – introductory music
December 9 – Erzgebirge
December 20 – Merry Blissmas
December 24 – Silent monks

Winter 2017 arrives in Zurich

(December 1) Winter crept up on us unawares this year. It was pleasant and warm for a long time and then the temperature plunged to under zero, and we even had snow.
(December 8/9) Over night, it snowed heavily for these post Climate Change times. Bus and tram lines were interrupted – almost British conditions…