David, Jacqueline and Áedán visit Southern Scandinavia

The iconic image symbolizing our trip to Scandinavia is the Øresund Bridge which we went across in a train and passed under in a ferry! We were away for nearly two weeks and visited Hamburg, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö and (briefly) Lübeck. Throughout Sweden we were haunted by advertisements of political parties – there is a General Election in Sweden on 9th September 2018 – and by various “Centralstationen”. We had great food and drink throughout and of course good coffee and kanelbullar (and anyhow great breakfast) in independent coffee shops. We even went cycling in Copenhagen and had a delightful trip to an unknown part of the city. All together, a really pleasant trip.

Studies completed 2

David celebrated the completion of further studies this summer. Having gone back to university at the age of sixty, David has now successfully completed a CAS in Design Technologies at the Zurich Arts University, having completed a CAS in Design Thinking in the spring. Next step: CAS Design Cultures…

David & Jacqueline go to France for a week

The perfect excuse that the Mayday holiday fell during the week led to the idea of visiting David’s cousin John (and wife Kim) in their house “in the middle of nowhere” in the Limousin region (near Limoges). The second half of the week was spent in the Provence region (not really “just around the corner” from the Limousin!). To break the journey, we stayed in a delightful chambre d’hôtes in a castle near Valence (Château du Besset). The original idea was to travel to and from France by train and then rent a car there. Unfortunately, the French train staff were on strike, and so the plans needed adapting. We went a day earlier than originally planned and stayed a further night near Taizé (in the Logis d’Azé, a beautifully restored farmhouse in the village of Azé): we also visited the Sunday service in Taizé, which was a very interesting experience.

All in all, apart from over 1500 km driving and a very late train and almost missed connection in Marseilles, we had a very pleasant time and caught up not only with John and Kim but also with many old friends in Seillans and Nice. And, of course, we ate very well too! And met various sweet cats (Norman, Alphonse, Koos, Poes-Café)…

Studies completed

David and Seán both celebrated the completion of studies this spring. David went back to university at the tender age of sixty and successfully completed a CAS in Design Thinking at the Zurich Arts University, and is already on the next CAS in Design Technologies. And Seán finally achieved his Swiss Matura (Middle School Certificate), which entitles him to study at university. Well done both!

Winter Holidays 2018

This year we (David, Jacqueline and Áedán) went again to Cortina d’Ampezzo with Martin, Christina, Thomas and Cornelia. Seán couldn’t go because of exams, and was worthily deputised by Giovanni. Caroline also came along. Actually, we didn’t stay in Cortina, but stayed in Valle di Cadore, around 30 minutes drive from Cortina, in a splendidly restored medieval house (with private pool 😉 ). While Martin and the younger ones went skiing in and around Cortina, David, Jacqueline, Christina and Caroline went on several delightful walks. On three different days, we managed to walked the whole of “La lunga via delle Dolomite”, which is based on the former steam railway line, from Cortina to Calalzo (without leaving anything out!). We also fitted in a day trip to Venice on the Thursday.