Studies completed 3

David celebrated the completion of further studies this summer. Having gone back to university at the age of sixty, David has now successfully completed a CAS (Certification of Advanced Studies) in Design Cultures at the Zurich Arts University, having completed a CAS in Design Thinking in the spring of 2018 and a CAS in Design Technologies in the summer of 2019. Next step: completion of the MAS Strategic Design.

David, Jacqueline and Áedán visit London and Oxford

David, Jacqueline and Áedán spent an extended weekend over the Ascension Day break visiting old friends in London and meeting up with Dom and family in Oxford at Eights. Among other highlights, the impending visit of Donald Trump and the resignation of Theresa May were a fascinating backdrop, showing the way that institutional Britain can handle almost any challenge with aplomb. The fact that the flags in the Mall were hanging because of Trouping the Colour and not because of the Trump royal family visit is almost irrelevant. The only difference is that many people cheer at Trouping the Colour and no-one cheered the Trump royal family at all! A success during our trip was finally managing to use Apple Pay seamlessly to travel on the Underground.