Coffee, singing, martial arts and electrical engineering – I live a tetradic life mostly filled with cats, classical music and some programming too.

Having successfully finished grammar school I now find myself in higher education. More specifically, I am enrolled at ETH Zurich, a science university here in Zurich. Currently, I am in my undergraduate studies in electrical engineering and information technology. Being at ETH, I have already given up the thought of having any time off. I have found that studying involves heavy drinking but, unfortunately, does not include copious days of vacation (at least not at ETH).

After commencing my studies at ETH, I discovered two new and important side-tracks to my life in academia: coffee and martial arts. I decided to buy a proper espresso machine after recognising the importance of caffeine while pursuing my scholastic career in higher education. Furthermore, Krav Maga, a martial arts style from Israel, keeps me fit and provides me with an interesting and challenging counterbalance to university.

Music is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of my life. I have joined the semi-professional Zurich Chamber Singers and I am also a part of the Kammerchor Konservatorium Winterthur, both of which are vocal ensembles who perform a wide variety of vocal arrangements regularly throughout Switzerland. I feel that Music helps me broaden my horizon and prevents me from becoming too obsessed with academia and studying.


Details about my name

Áedán: Irish, diminutive of Áed, “fire”. The missionary sent by Iona to christianise the north of England and who founded the Lindisfarne monastery was called Áedán (Aidan). So was the first King of Scotland on the island of Iona (who was in fact Irish!)

Tavish: Celtic, “son of David”, derivative (Scottish) of Thomas

Christie: a Scottish name: diminutive form of the first name Christian (meaning ‘follower of Christ’) and possibly also of Christopher (meaning ‘Christ carrier’). The Christie name eventually grew into popular use as a surname in Scotland. A sept of Clan Farquharson